College Students with Type 1 Diabetes

Everything is changing, and you have no time for T1D

Is this you...?

You're getting the boot from your longtime pediatric provider and scrambling to find an adult endocrinologist near your school.

You're finding it a hassle to schedule diabetes visits when you're home just for short breaks. 

You're used to getting personal support and attention, but now the visits are 15 minutes and it's all about your blood pressure and cholesterol.

You haven't had a proper diabetes checkup in...a long time.

T1D can get lost in the shuffle when you're busy. But staying on track can also help you sleep better, study better, and have fewer diabetes interruptions--so it's more important than ever to get support.

Care and Education for Managing Type 1 Diabetes in College

You can work with me via remote visits from anywhere in Washington. Upload your devices, set up a video call, and we'll talk through strategies and tools to keep your insulin adjusted and your glucose in range so you can feel healthy. 

P.S. I get it, because I went to college with T1D too. 

Karen Aitken ARNP, BC-ADM

Type 1 Health Northwest/Karen Aitken ARNP, BC-ADM provides diabetes management and education for adults and children with Type 1 diabetes.

Visits are available in Seattle, WA and via telemedicine throughout Washington State, including Redmond, Bellingham, Olympia and the greater Seattle area.