Hypoglycemia and Type 1 Diabetes

You can minimize this.

For many people with Type 1, low blood sugars rank high on the list of fears and frustrations. But you shouldn't have to accept frequent or severe hypos as "just a way of life" with Type 1, because they can be minimized.

learn to MANAGE Low Blood Sugars

We'll look at your patterns and identify what might be triggering your lows, adjust your regimen to help reduce them, and strategize how to avoid common pitfalls whether you have hypoglycemia awareness or not.

Karen Aitken ARNP, BC-ADM

Type 1 Health Northwest/Karen Aitken ARNP, BC-ADM provides diabetes management and education for adults and children with Type 1 diabetes.

Visits are available in Seattle, WA and via telemedicine throughout Washington State, including Redmond, Bellingham, Olympia and the greater Seattle area.