Downloading Your Devices


Why Download at home? 

Downloading your devices (glucose meter, CGM, pump) can help you become an expert at detecting patterns and seeing cause and effect. Trends really stick out when you see your numbers in color and in chart form. It’s a great habit to get into.

I strongly encourage downloading your devices the day before your visit, both to save visit time and to help you identify your challenges before we meet. 

When you are able to download at home you may also have the opportunity to share your data with your diabetes team and get extra feedback between visits. 


What kind of equipment do I need?

You’ll need a cable or dongle—typically included with the original packaging. If you don’t have one around, check with the device manufacturer to request a new one. Many just use a standard Micro or Mini USB cable that you may have already.

Most programs require a desktop or laptop computer, though a few run on a mobile platform. 

Once you decide on a program to use, you’ll create an account to store your data securely in the cloud. Keep that login info handy!

Which program should I use? is my program of choice because:

  • It's free and easy to use
  • It's compatible with many devices: all pumps (including Medtronic up to the 530G model), Dexcom CGMs, and most meters
  • It has well-designed reports that also integrate CGM tracings with dosing information
  • It's open source, non-profit, and the company philosophy is that you own your data 

Of course you are welcome to use what’s easiest and best for you. 

What are some other options?

Medtronic Carelink

Dexcom Clarity or the Dexcom G5 mobile app

Glooko (subscription based)



  I use a paper logbook. does that count? 

Paper logbooks are also great and are a testament to your diligence. The act of writing down your data can be quite helpful for mentally processing what you are seeing. Electronic reports offer different formats for looking at glucoses, which can produce a-ha moments. But if you prefer to stick with paper, that’s just fine.

How do I share data for my visit?

If your data is in the cloud we can log into your account from the office, so be sure to have your login info handy.

You could also bring a printout of a PDF of your reports if you prefer. 

I'm bringing PDF's. Which reports should I run?

Ideally, we'll look at the past 14-30 days of data from these reports
•    Day-to-day logbook showing glucose and, if on a pump, boluses
•    Summary and averages of glucose and insulin use
•    If you use a pump, your settings report with basal rates and bolus ratios

I’m having technical difficulties/a crazy week and can’t make this work. What now? 

It happens. In a pinch we can download in the office. I don’t like to use your visit time for this but we do have that option. 

All of these programs offer tech support.

An incomplete list of things that can affect your download
•    Low battery on your medical device
•    Version of your operating system or browser
•    Java plug-ins (Medtronic Carelink)