Frequently Asked Questions


If I work with you, do I still need an endocrinologist?

You might have an endocrinologist or other diabetes provider you like and trust, but wish visits were longer and waits were shorter. Or you might be getting all your diabetes care from your primary care provider. Each of us teams with you in different ways and offers different perspectives and benefits.

With me the focus will be on hands-on problem solving and giving you the tools and knowledge you need to be confident in self-management. Many people like to mix this approach with their endocrinology visits.

You will still need either an endocrinologist or your primary care provider to manage after-hours emergencies, monitor your labs, and write your prescriptions.

I am always happy to collaborate with your other care team members.

Which insurance do you accept? 

I’m currently in-network for the following plans: 

  • Premera Blue Cross (including LifeWise and Premera Medicare Advantage)

  • Regence Blue Shield (including Regence Medicare Advantage, Healthcare Management Administrators, Asuris Health Northwest, and BridgeSpan Health)

  • United Healthcare

  • First Choice Health Network

  • Cigna

  • Original Medicare

Aetna and Kaiser Permanente report being closed to additional endocrinology providers at this time, so I am out-of-network for those plans. (Note: First Choice Health/Kaiser Permanente is in network). If you are a member of one of those plans, you can help advocate for coverage by calling your member services department and asking for Type 1 Health Northwest/Karen Aitken ARNP to be added to the network.

Telehealth/Virtual visits from your home are currently covered only by Premera commercial (non-Medicare) plans, subject to individual verification of benefits. If your plan doesn't cover telehealth visits yet, you still have the option to self-pay for your visit. Contact us if you'd like to know more about that option. 

What about out-of-network coverage?

It's possible that your insurance company may cover some of the cost of your visit if you submit a claim to them yourself.  

To do that, contact your insurance company to ask about your "out-of-network" benefits and get their required forms. Then, after our visit, ask me for an itemized receipt and submit that along with your forms to your insurance company. If your claim is accepted, they will reimburse you directly. 

Can I work with you if I am outside of Washington? 

Unfortunately, no.  I'm licensed as a Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) in Washington State, which means that legally I can only provide care to clients who are physically in Washington, even if we are working together by phone or video chat.  If you are away at college and maintain an address in Washington, or are traveling, I can still only do visits with you when you are in state.