Continuous Glucose Monitoring for Type 1 Diabetes

Are you getting the results you want from your CGM?

It can be a challenge to make sense of all the info CGM offers. When do you act on a number? When do you leave it alone? Maybe you're still on a roller coaster even with your new device, or maybe things are feeling more complicated.

Many people start CGM but don't have any follow up on how to download their device, interpret patterns, manage alarms, or troubleshoot site issues. 

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Care and Education

We’ll learn from your tracings and teach you how to analyze them, and make sure your CGM is working comfortably and effectively. 

The result? You’ll be able to convert what you’re seeing day-to-day into changes to your insulin and habits that smooth out the ups and downs.  

Karen Aitken ARNP, BC-ADM

Type 1 Health Northwest/Karen Aitken ARNP, BC-ADM provides diabetes management and education for adults and children with Type 1 diabetes.

Visits are available in Seattle, WA and via telemedicine throughout Washington State, including Redmond, Bellingham, Olympia and the greater Seattle area.