Adults with Type 1 Diabetes and LADA

Type 1 is not type 2

Unlike kids and teens with T1D, adults with type 1 diabetes don't often have a community rallying behind them or a system to support them. 

You've been told this is pretty much "on you."

Your endocrinology clinic visits--if you can schedule one--are notoriously short. Or maybe you only see your primary care provider for T1D management. 

You sometimes feel judged, or burned out.

But this is also a time of exciting changes in diabetes care, and there's a lot you can do to make T1D more manageable.  

Care and Education for Adults with Type 1 Diabetes

Whether you were diagnosed as a child or an adult, whether you're on shots or the latest technologies, whether you're really struggling or just want to fine-tune your regimen, there's support for that.

  • If you're followed by your PCP for your T1D, working with me will give you personal, specialized care around all the daily puzzles of type 1. We'll work together to help you build the skills and confidence to effectively manage your health with diabetes. 

  • If you're followed by an endocrinologist, you can supplement those visits with more supportive, longer, in-depth sessions to unpack particular challenges, set and refine goals, and build up your knowledge base. 

Karen Aitken ARNP, BC-ADM

Type 1 Health Northwest/Karen Aitken ARNP, BC-ADM provides diabetes management and education for adults and children with Type 1 diabetes.

Visits are available in Seattle, WA and via telemedicine throughout Washington State, including Redmond, Bellingham, Olympia and the greater Seattle area.