Type 1 diabetes is not what you ordered.

It's complicated, it's uniquely frustrating, and you're the one in charge of keeping it all together.

Getting great support is a key part of managing T1D and feeling well, but it's not always easy to find and navigate. 

That’s why I’m here—to partner with you so you won’t have to handle this all on your own.


Diabetes Care Services

People who work with me are tackling all kinds of T1D challenges and goals. Are you....

  • Ready to really understand and use your CGM data? (Hint: you need a strategy and some follow up).
  • Unsure what all those extra pump features do?
  • Not into a pump or CGM (which is ok!) and want to fine-tune your injection regimen?
  • A newly diagnosed adult with type 1? (If all you got at diagnosis was 20 minutes of education and some paper handouts from the '80s, let's talk).
  • The parent of a child or teen with T1D who would like to sleep through the night? 
  • Frustrated with what exercise does to BGs, and looking for better strategies and tactics?
  • In college and feeling like your meter is a random number generator? 
  • Struggling with making positive good habits or breaking negative ones?
  • Wondering about new "closed loop" technology and whether it might work for you?
  • Shy about telling others you have T1D? 

We can work through these things and anything else that's going on with your T1.  


Type 1 Health Northwest

Karen Aitken, ARNP BC-ADM

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